About Solid works Course

Solid Works was founded in December 1993 by MIT graduate Jon Hirsch tick. Solid Works is a solid modeling computer aided design and computer aided engineering program.

Solid works helps industries to their productivity increase by creative and innovative design and help to develop product.

Creative design and multimedia have highly trained trainer which has vast experience in terms of Solid works and mechanical relates design who teach students not only software but to enhance to develop cost effective product and based on Industry standard process.

In demanding competition world there is high demand in professional designer who not only design but fruitful and fulfill company needs without Solid works, that are the par of. Creative Design and multimedia institute design a course for who want to learn Solid works effectively and professional way

Which includes Basics, User interface, basic part modeling, symmetry, basic part modeling, patterning, shelling and ribs, Editing. Advanced mate techniques, Top down resembling modeling, layout-based design, configuration with assembly and large assembly design. Drawing sheets and view, annotation, assembly drawing , bill of materials.

Course Structure:-

  • Introduction to Solid works Intent and modules
  • Understanding Parametric modeling and Relationship
  • Getting started with sketcher entities with editing sketcher tools and 3D sketching
  • Creating Base Features with parent’s child Relationship
  • Understanding Orientation and Datum reference
  • Aiding construction features (Placed Features)
  • Advanced modeling / features creation tools
  • Understanding approaches Related to the Assembly design
  • Advanced mates and mechanical mates
  • Generating and modifying views
  • Dimension and BOM generating in drawing
  • Working with surface metal mode
  • Understanding sheet metal mode
  • Fundamental concepts of sheet metal design
  • Import export solid works files