About Solid Edge Course

As per the demand of the market as well as of our clients, we are involved in providing Solid Edge Software Designing Service. Our rendered service includes designing of solid edge software in 2D sketch and then convert it in to advanced 3D CAD system that uses synchronous technology for faster revisions, accelerated design and better imported re-use. This software is designed for mainstream engineering and is the most scalable and comprehensive digital product development system from Siemens. Moreover, our teammates work in close coordination with our customers to understand their needs and then provide the same in given time period. Further, we offer this Solid Edge Software Designing service at nominal price to the clients.

Engineering CAD/CAM/CAE/REVERSE Eng. Software

  • Solid Edge offers different applications to suit your needs. From powerful 2D Drafting to an advanced 3D system complete with assembly design, automated drawing production, simulation and assembly applications.
  • Synchronous technology for fast/flexible modeling Solid Edge leverages synchronous technology, enabling your company to deliver breakthrough designs. Designers can accelerate model creation without engaging in design pre planning. They also are able to perform faster ECO edits by eliminating model regeneration, while increasing the re-use of imported 2D or 3D data. This unique technology helps you get products to market faster, service customer needs better and reduce engineering design costs.
  • Better transition and re-use from 2D or 3D Solid Edge has proven successful in helping companies reduce engineering costs through better re-use of 2D and 3D data. Imported assembly layouts can drive 3D product design where interference checking can solve fit and position problems before manufacturing. Synchronous technology can edit imported 3D models, reducing the need to redesign.Complete digital prototyping With Solid Edge you can build entire 3D digital prototypes and optimize your designs before production. You can design assemblies with machined, cast or stylized components and leverage process-specific applications to simplify frame, piping, tube, wiring, weldment and mold tooling design.You can use digital prototyping to show how your products will operate and appear in real life through exploded views, photo realistic renderings and animations. With more accurate digital prototypes, you can achieve higher levels of product quality in less time.

Cource Structure:-

  • Introduction Solid Edge ST5
  • Drawing Sketches for Solid Models
  • Adding Relationships and Dimensions to Sketches
  • Editing, Extruding, and Revolving the sketches
  • Working with Additional Reference Geometrics
  • Advanced Modeling Tools – I
  • Editing Features
  • Advanced Modeling Tools – II
  • Advanced Modeling Tools – III
  • Assembly Modeling – I
  • Assembly Modeling – II
  • Generating, Editing, and Dimensioning Drawing Views
  • Surface Modeling
  • Sheet Metal Design
  • Student Projects
  • Index