About Graphic Designing Course

A graphic designer is to convert the text font and images provided to them in a way to make the that they tell the story to the end user in a way that the end user is educated, inspired and charmed. The designer can use the skills of his hands or a computer software to do so. The graphic or visual designer play an important role in formulating brochures, newsletter, logos which needs to go to the end user and try to boost up the sales of the company. They play a key role in converting an otherwise boring data that is full of statistics and numbers like a company’s balance sheet into something more understandable for the shareholders and common public at large through the use of images and graphs. Moreover expertise would not be required to analyze the image as much as it would be required in case of boring numbers which would otherwise give an epilepsy attack to a person who is not at all related to the field.

Graphic designing covers many skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites and the different areas of Graphic designing training include web graphic designing,UI Graphic designing,Mobile Graphic designing.

Today, a Graphic design is essential for every companies and institute. it must be display position and credibility. A properly planned Graphic designing can also help institute to decrease its cost of sales so Graphic designing helpful to increase their sales.

It has a affordable fee structure with qualified professors who fuse practical and theoretical knowledge together to hoist the flag of your career in the sky of graphic designing.

Course Structure:-

  • Basic Knowledge and Instruction to Follow
  • Applications and Fundamentals
  • Use of Colors
  • Tools and Application Panel
  • Typography
    • Text and Use of Different Fonts
    • Textography
  • Photo Manipulation
    • Photo Editing
    • Wedding Albums
    • Manipulation
    • Granulation
  • Printing And Pricing
    • Branding, Logo Design, Business Card
    • Flyer & Poster Designing
    • Brochure, Magazine, Catalog Designing
    • Real Estate Brochure  Designing
    • Outdoor Designing
    • Advertisement Designing
  • Web Elements
    • Web Banners
    • Sliders
    • Icon and Symbol
  • Activities and Seminar
  • portfolio.